The Auto-Assist tool in Service Autopilot is a way to make quick actions on an Account. This tool is only available to the Pro Plus level subscription as the Auto-Assist actions can be used to trigger Automations.

Set Up

  1. Navigate to any Client or Lead account. Auto-Assist is currently only available on the V2 Client or Lead view.
  2. Click on the Auto-Assist iconmceclip0.png  This will be next to the Account name.
  3. Add a category by clicking on the plus icon in the top row.


  4. Click on the plus icon in the bottom row. Select Form, Email, or Tag.

    Note: Client Note is a legacy feature and is currently unavailable.

  5. Name the Auto-Assist., select the Form, Email, or Tag to be applied, and choose an icon to be displayed.


  6. Click Save.
  7. To edit or delete an Auto-Assist, click on the pencil icon on the top right, then the pencil icon on the Auto-Assist you want to edit or delete.


Using the Auto-Assist

  1. Navigate to the V2 view of the Client or Lead.
  2. Click on the Auto-Assist iconmceclip0.png This will be next to the Account name.
  3. Click on the Auto-Assist action you wish to use.
    • For a Tag, a dialog will appear warning that a Tag is about to be applied. Click Okay to apply the Tag. 
    • For a Form, the selected Form will open so it can be filled out.
    • For an Email, the Email window will open. The Email can then be edited, if needed, then sent.
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