True Cash Discounts in the Client Portal

Cash Discounts can help your clients save on credit card processing by paying their invoices with cash, check, or ACH. This feature is available to Clearent customers who sign up for True Cash Discounts.

Once Cash Discounts are enabled on your account, you can set up the feature to meet your business needs. 

Client Portal

A Cash Discount will automatically apply at checkout when a Client selects an applicable payment method, such as Check or ACH. 

Note: You cannot turn Cash Discounts on or off for the Client Portal. If the feature is on for Clients, it is on everywhere.

Once logged into the Client Portal, Clients can click Pay Now or select the Billing tab.


They'll click the checkbox next to the invoice(s) they want to pay and select their payment method.


If the Client chooses to pay by Card, they will not receive the Discount. A tooltip will explain how they can apply the Cash Discount to their invoice:


If a Client selects Check or ACH as their payment method, a Cash Discount will automatically apply to their invoice.

Note: Clicking Proceed to Pay Selected in the Client Portal is what will update the invoice(s) to reflect the Cash Discount. The pay button will only look like this if your company has True Cash Discounts.


If Check is selected, the Client can print their invoice to be mailed along with their payment.


If ACH is selected, Clients will receive a Cash Discount before closing out their invoice.

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