Updated QuickBooks Desktop Sync

If you sync QuickBooks Desktop with Service Autopilot, you will have the QuickBooks Desktop Sync application on a company computer. This application will ensure the data is synced between your QuickBooks file and Service Autopilot. If you need assistance with the installation of this application, please contact your Launch representative.

Warning: The Updated QuickBooks Desktop Sync is for Beta members only. All other members should refer to the original QuickBooks Desktop Sync.

Overview of the Updated QBD Sync


The QuickBooks Desktop Sync application will start and run in the background. You can bring up the application by clicking the icon on your desktop or the system tray icon mceclip1.png in the taskbar. 


  • Force Sync - This will force the sync to run immediately instead of waiting for the automatic sync.
  • Update Balance Report - this button will start a special kind of sync that will process through every current and former Client to update their account balance on the QB Comparison Report in SA. 
  • Enable Sync Notifications - This will control the notifications in Windows that occur when the sync is complete.
  • Support - This is used for troubleshooting by the Service Autopilot support team.
  • Service Autopilot Settings - Your primary Service Autopilot username and password. If you change your password in SA you will also need to update it here and click Save.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Settings - Your QuickBooks Desktop username, password, and file path.

    Warning: If you previously synced with QuickBooks Desktop on this device, then your QuickBooks file will automatically populate when you open the sync. Do not attempt to change this file path on your own. Please contact support@serviceautopilot.com for assistance.

Using the New QBD Sync

To sync using the new QuickBooks Desktop application, follow these steps:

  1. On the QuickBooks Desktop Sync overlay, log in to your SA Account:

  2. Open your QBD and connect the Event Processor:

  3. Fill in your QBD Settings then click Save:

  4. Click Validate.
  5. If you did not see a message regarding errors in QBD, then click Force Sync.
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