Adding Tips in the Client Portal

Set Up

  1. Navigate to Settings > Invoice Customization.
  2. Check the box next to Allow Clients to Tip.


  3. If you already have a Service called "Tip", the system will ask if you want to use that Service for the Tip feature or create a new one. If you choose create new, the added Service will have an asterisk (*) in the name.


  4. Optional: Navigate to Settings > Client Portal Settings and check the box next to Add Tips on the Billing tab. This step is needed only if the Tip option is not showing in the Client Portal after enabling Tips in the Invoice settings. The Client Portal setting will be enabled by default once Step 2 is completed.

Adding a Tip in the Client Portal

Once enabled, the Tip option will show on the Invoice payment screen in the Client Portal. The Client will have the option to choose a preset percentage amount or enter a custom amount.



Submit Feedback to the Product and Development Team

Do you use Tips frequently at your company? The SA Product and Development team is looking for your feedback on the Tips feature! Please use the form linked below.

Tips Feedback

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