Email Integration - Overview

Service Autopilot offers an email integration subscription that can bring emails from your email provider directly into SA. This reduces the number of applications you'll need to use to complete a task.

Note: Email integration will only forward inbound emails. Any outgoing replies should be sent from within SA to ensure all emails are documented.

There are four significant steps to Email Integration:

  1. Enable Email Integration - Before you can integrate an email address, you'll need to enable the User Right for your desired role.
  2. Setup Email Integration in SA - This step connects your email address to SA, giving your company a forwarding email address. 
  3. Setup Email Forwarding - To complete integration, you must go inside your email provider (Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft, and iCloud) to forward the emails to your company's new forwarding email address.
  4. Disconnect Email Forwarding - If needed, you do have the option to disconnect an email address from the email integration feature.
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