Release Notes | January 20th, 2023


We are always improving Service Autopilot. This update contains minor changes to spruce up some V3 features, make speed improvements, and address a few issues.

New - Tips: We are excited to announce the new option to add Tips. Clients will be able to add Tips during the payment process on the Client Portal.

Improvements Added to SA

We’ve made these improvements recently.

Automations Audit Trail: We added new record types to the Automations Audit Trail. The Audit Trail will now display records for when a sequence is modified or when a sequence is deleted. This will help better track changes made to Automations sequences. 

Bulk Price Update: The Bulk Price update rate field has been updated to allow for real numbers. Users will be able to use decimal values up to two decimal places. This will allow for more accurate rate changes.

Copying Estimates: We expanded the copying of Estimates to now include Estimate and Invoice descriptions. This provides further continuity when duplicating Invoices.

Smart Maps Lead Creation: Smart Maps lead creation has been updated to start populating the First and Last names. Users will now be prompted to provide a label for First name and Last name. This will allow for the creation of Leads that can be used in services like Automations or SendJim.

Reassigning Tickets: This update adds two options for reassigning Tickets. The first option is the ability to Reassign Tickets when deactivating an Employee. The second is a new action on the Tickets List for ‘Reassign Tickets’, allowing the option to assign selected tickets to an Employee.

Automations – Sequence List Common Filters: We added common filters to the Sequence list for Schedule, Completed, Stopped, and All statuses. Each of these will filter instances in the sequence by that specific status type.

V2 (Classic) Forms – Attachment updates: V2 Forms attachments have been updated to allow adding .mp3 and .mov files, as well as adding a size limit for attached files. The limit is 100MB.

Updates to Correct System Issues

We’ve made these fixes recently.

Client Portal Guest Checkout: The Guest Checkout was allowing payments over the maximum in one instance. This has been fixed. 

Batch Emailing Error: An issue was occurring on the Dispatch Board that prevented batch emails from being sent due to an error. This has been fixed. 

Estimates on View My Proposal: An issue was causing Estimates on View My Proposal to be cut off on the right side. This has been fixed. 

Forms Not Updating or Creating: An issue was preventing v3 Forms from creating new Leads or updating existing Accounts. This has been fixed. 

Sales Rep Missing on Lead Estimates: An issue was preventing the Sales Rep from being displayed on Estimates in the Client View. This has been fixed. 

Package Job Notes Not Saving: An issue was preventing Job notes from being saved if the Start/End date of the notes were outside the Package date range. This has been fixed. 

Client Info QBO Sync Issue: An issue was preventing Client addresses from syncing during the initial sync. This has been fixed. 

Calendar Event Schedule Issue: An issue was occurring that was caused the Every Weekday schedule on Calendar Events to show every day. This has been fixed. 

Unable to Edit Tickets: An issue was preventing the editing of Tickets that were created through Quick Add. This has been fixed. 

Job Dates Incorrect for New Zealand Time zone: An issue was causing Job dates to show a day early if the Account was set to the New Zealand time zone. This has been fixed. 

Account Reactivating Rights Issue: An issue was occurring that prevented the reactivation of Accounts if the Lead conversion right was disabled. This has been fixed. 

Custom Packages Missing Name: As issue was causing Custom Packages to now show the Package name on the Client Account, and instead show the name of the first Service. This has been fixed. 

Packages not Color Coded Correctly: An issue was preventing packages that needed to be renewed from displaying as red on the cClient view. This has been fixed. 

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