Job Costing: Set Up Product Costs and Rates to Charge

Services and Products work together in Service Autopilot, but they work separately for Job Costing.

A Service is always required in order to have a Product on a Job.

  • The Product Cost is the company’s wholesale cost.
  • The Rate is the retail markup (if applicable). The Cost goes on the Job Costing report.

To set a default Cost (usually an average) at the Product level, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Scheduling > Products and select a product from the list.
  2. Fill in the fields for the product.
  3. Scroll to the Default B. Cost field and enter the average budgeted cost per unit, that you pay for this Product.


  4. Go to a job and add a product to it. In the “Cost” and “Rate” columns, notice that the quantity is a multiplier.

    You can change the quantity of the product, then press the Tab key to make the quantity field multiply the Rate, B. Hrs, and Cost. This will also show your Margin and Markup percentages for the product. 
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