Job Costing: Set Up Jobs

Job Costing information can be included for Jobs created with the V2 Add Job overlay or the V3 Job Wizard.
To set up your Jobs for Job Costing, follow these steps:

  1. From an Account screen, click Add Job and fill in the data. Include the Rate (what you charge to perform the Service) and Budgeted Hours (the total time the Service will take to complete).
  2. If needed, add a product by hovering over the gear icon on the right.
    1. In the Qty field, add the estimated quantity of the product.
    2. Be sure to fill in the Cost field, as it will appear on the Job Costing report.


    3. If needed, click the Options button and check the Confirm? check box. Selecting this box will require you to review the product quantity on the Dispatch Board after the job is completed.


      Note: Checking the Confirm? checkbox will cause the job to display in red on the Dispatch Board after the job is complete. This reminds you to confirm that the quantity matches what you originally estimated.
    4. Choose whether you want the product to appear on the invoice by hovering over Options to see the Invoice check box.


      Note: Checking this makes the product appear as a line item on the invoice, and its dollar amount will also appear in the “Product Revenue” column of the Job Costing report.
    5. Click OK.

You can make a change to the Product quantity on the Dispatch Board in the Job Detail overlay by clicking the product icon on the far right.


You can then change the estimated quantity to the actual quantity that was used. Correcting this quantity on the job ensures the Job Costing report will be accurate in the “Product Cost” column.
The report will display the estimated and actual product costs after you make such an update.

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