Job Costing: Verify Team Assignments

For Job Costing purposes, it's important to check your Team Assignments before dispatching your jobs. 

If your employees are already assigned to teams as a default, then changes are only needed here if there are exceptions to the default team assignments. Any changes you make apply only to the date on the screen.

This directly affects your labor cost for each job.

  1. Go to Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs.
  2. Click the More button and select Assign Teams.
  3. Select a different date if needed in the Date field. By default, you'll be shown the current date on the Dispatch Board.


  4. Review the team assignments and change them as needed.

If you need to reassign any team members, click and drag their names to the correct location. There is no Save button; any changes are saved automatically. Click the X at the top right to exit the screen overlay and dispatch your Jobs. 


Track Drive Time

If you track drive time on the Legacy or Team app, then the Job Costing report will show the cost of labor for field employees while they are driving.

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