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For our Members who integrate with SA Payments powered by Clearent, you now have the option of taking ACH Payments within Service Autopilot. There are a few requirements for using ACH:

  • You must integrate with Clearent as a payment processor for your SA account.
  • You must have completed the underwriting process for ACH with Clearent and associated partners
  • You must have a Client Portal subscription
    • Note: Bank account information can only be added to a client's account via the Client Portal. This ensures the safety of your clients' personal banking information.
  • You must set up a Payment Method for ACH in your SA account so it will be available to clients in the Client Portal. 

Once these conditions are satisfied, your clients will be able to use ACH in the Client Portal.

Note: SA will use ACH Payments as the default autopay method for a client when a bank account is added to a client's account.

If a client adds a bank account to their account, you will be able to see this on the V2 client account screen in the gray box to the left of the account balance:


You can also see the bank account information on the Billing Info panel of the V3 review account overlay:


You will not be able to view full account numbers or edit the information the client enters. You do have the option of removing the bank account on file.

Additionally, you may want to update the default Payment Method for the client so new Invoices will generate to be paid by ACH. This way, you can bulk charge ACH Payments from the Invoices screen. Simply go to Accounting > Invoices and select the ACH Invoices to Charge tab:


Then, go to the Actions menu and select Charge ACH.

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