Statistics can be used to manually track data points. To view and use Statistics, the user role and right will need to enabled.

Setup Statistics

  1. Navigate to Settings > Statistic Types.
  2. Click Add Statistic Type in the top right.
  3. Fill out the fields in the overlay. 


      • Description - Description of the data you are tracking.
      • Show in Dashboard - The Dashboard column selection that will load this data.
      • Report Type Selection - The type of data being tracked.
  4. Click Save and repeat for any additional types needed.
  5. Navigate to Settings > Statistics.
  6. Click Add Statistic.
  7. Fill out the fields in the overlay. This is where you are manually entering the data to be tracked.


      • Statistic Type - Select the Type for this data entry.
      • Date - The date for this data entry.
      • Value - The value for the data being tracked. For example, on 2/6/23, two Client complaints were received.

  8. Click Save and repeat as necessary for all data points.

Using Statistics

  1. Navigate to Reports > Report Center.
  2. On the lefthand side, choose SA Dashboard to add to the existing dashboard or Create Dashboard to make your own. 


  3. Click the Add Tab icon.


  4. The Visual Gallery overlay will appear. Search for and select the Statistics column specified in the Statistic Type created previously. Select Done to add the chart to the Dashboard.


  5. The chart will then display any Statistic with a date that falls within the last 5 days.

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