Release Notes | March 3rd, 2023



We will continue outreach to our members to gather feedback and improve Service Autopilot. We are excited to release some new features this month, but we want to assure you that we are also working to fix issues and optimize performance where it may be lacking.

New – Multi-Location/Franchise Reporting: The next part of Multi-Location/Franchises is now available! Franchise users now have 3 reports available (sales, revenue, and conversions) that will compile performance data from their connected Franchisee accounts.

New – Message Center: We are excited to release a new and updated version of the Message Center. This updated version gives the ability to better manage your messaging by identifying and filtering for the most important messages. This new Message Center is being released to a select group of early adopters and will be expanded to the general member base once we gather some initial feedback.

Improvements Added to SA

We’ve made these improvements recently.

Updated - Form Responses: A new column is available on Forms that shows the number of unread responses for the given Form. Click this number to show the full list of responses related to that Form.

Updates to Correct System Issues

We’ve made these fixes recently.

Master Schedules – Start/End Date Columns Incorrect: An issue was causing the start and end date columns on Master Schedules to display incorrect dates. These columns have been updated to now show the Date Created and Expiration Date. The Date Created will display the date the Master Schedule was created. The Expiration Date will now show the last date set on the schedule.

Account Statements – Contract Line Items Not Displaying: An issue was occurring that prevented contract line items from showing on account statements even when settings were set to show them. This has been fixed.

Bulk Price Update – Update Timing Out: There was an issue causing the bulk price update to time out in one case. This has been fixed.

Estimate Documents – CSR Merge Tag Not Working: The new CSR merge tag was not working correctly when used on Estimate documents. This has been fixed.

Employees - Default Overtime Setting being Overwritten: An issue was causing the default overtime setting to show as ‘Yes’ even when the setting was set to ‘No’. This has been fixed.

Forms – Required CC Field Breaks Validation: There was a reported issue that was allowing Forms to be submitted if the Credit Card field was required, without filling in other required fields. This has been fixed.

Installment Plans – Printing Settings Issue: A reported issue was causing Installment Plan items to show on emailed Invoices, ignoring print settings. This has been fixed.

Installment Plans – Multiple Overages: A reported issue was allowing users to add multiple overages to Installment Plans when it should only allow for one overage setting. This has been fixed.

Invoices – Due Date Changing When Emailed: There was an issue reported with Invoice due dates. The due date was able to be changed, however, once the Invoice was emailed, the due date would reset to the original date. This has been corrected by preventing editing of the Due Date field. The due date can be changed by updating the Invoice date or terms.

V3 Jobs – Pause Flag Being Cleared: An issue was causing Jobs in v3 to be un-paused if the Master Schedule was renewed. This has been fixed.

Message Center – Timestamps Incorrect: An issue was causing the time stamps on outgoing text messages to display incorrectly. This has been fixed.

Message Center – Sunday Texts Missing: A member reported that text messages were not being shown in the message center when received on Sundays. This has been fixed.

Payments – Incorrect 'Applied To' Amount: A member reported that when viewing Invoices that payments were applied to, the sales tax amount was doubled. This has been fixed.

Report Center – Client Services Report Showing Inactive Clients: An issue was causing inactive Clients to display on a report looking for Clients with inactive Jobs. This has been fixed.

Report Center – Incorrect Job Amounts: A member reported that a custom analysis looking at job costing details was pulling zeros, or not updating when Jobs were updated. This has been fixed.

Report Center – Error When Searching Names with Apostrophes: A member reported that when using the canned Visits report, an error was received when searching if the Client has an apostrophe in the name. This has been fixed.

Two Way Texting Settings – Unable to Access Accounts: An issue was preventing users from accessing Client records when clicking the Client's name in Two Way Texting Settings. This has been fixed.

Automations Pipeline – Deleted Clients Causing Blank Pipeline: An issue was occurring for Automation pipelines. When a client or lead was deleted, the pipeline would not show any results. This has been fixed.

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