The New Message Center

The Message Center, available after adding Two Way Texting, is a live feature that actively sends and receives Text Messages from clients, leads, and resources.

User Rights for the Message Center

Before you can see the Message Center, you'll need to enable the right for your User Role.

  1. Go to Settings > User Role & Rights > (role) > CRM tab.
  2. Under the "Text Messages" column, select the checkbox next to "View Message Center".


    Once enabled, the Message Center is available from the CRM tab in the navigation bar.

    Note: "Remove Text Message Feed" allows users to hide text messages in the Message Center. This does not un-send the message or permanently delete it. Messages will reappear in the message center when a new text is received or sent.

The New Message Center

The New Message Center updates in real-time and displays messages as they're received and sent. This is a live feature, which means marking a message as read or removing a thread will affect all users. This is important to note when multiple resources are running the Message Center.

Before Attachments.jpg

Note: Alerts are created for incoming messages. However, the Alert only generates for the resource who last sent an outbound text message to the client or lead. All resources can see the text messages in the Message Center regardless of who receives the alert.

On the left side of the screen, select the Received tab to view recently received messages from clients, leads, and resources. A red badge next to the Received tab displays the number of unread messages. A green dot on the left side of a message means it’s unread, as well.

Received and Sent.jpg

Responses are automatically marked as read when they're opened. Select the Sent tab to view recently sent messages.

The message you currently have selected will display in grey with a green tab on the left:

Selected Msg.jpg

Use the Filter dropdown menu to control what messages you see. The "Resources" option will only display messages from your resources, whereas the "Clients & Leads" option will only show messages from your accounts:


Use the search bar to quickly navigate through your messages by searching the phone number or name of a client, lead, or resource:

Search Bar.gif

The New Message Center allows bulk action to be taken with your messages. To do this, select the checkbox for one or more messages then click the ellipses:


From there, you can:

  • MARK AS READ- Mark the selected messages as read.
  • MARK AS UNOPENED- Mark the selected messages as unread.
  • REMOVE- Hide the selected messages.

    Note: Removing a message does not un-send the message or permanently delete it from the thread. Messages will reappear in the message center when a new text is received or sent. You can also search for the client, lead, or resource to view the hidden message.

On the right side of the screen above your message thread is the Account Overview. Click the arrow to expand or collapse an account summary of the Client or Lead you are viewing.

Note: The Account Overview is only available for client and lead messages. It is not available for resources.


To add an image to your message, click the Paper Clip icon and choose Upload From Your Computer or Select Current Attachments

Warning: The image size must not exceed 5MB.

For quick and easy communication, click the Message icon to select an existing Text Document template (Settings > Documents):

Paper Clip and Text Temps.gif

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