Release Notes | April 14, 2023


We will continue outreach to our members to gather your feedback and make improvements to Service Autopilot. We are excited to release some new features this month, and we want to assure you that we are also working to fix issues and optimize performance.

New - Dispatch Board Reports Links - We have added new options under the ‘More’ button on your Dispatch Board. Now you will find a link to the Visits and the Job Costing reports. This will give you quicker access to your job information via reporting! 

New – Visits Report Visit Details - We have added a link to the Visit overlay from the Visits report. You are now able to click on a Service name and it will bring up the Visit information. This will allow you to view and make changes to the Visit details.

New – Credit Audit Trails - We have added an audit trail to Credits! Now you can track the changes that have been made with your Credits like creation logs, updates, and more. 

Improvements Added to SA

We’ve made these improvements recently.

Estimate Copying - We expanded Estimate copying to include more details. We have added the following fields to be copied to the new Estimate: Calc, B. Hrs, and Cost for Services and Subservices, as well as Adj. Rate, Estimate Description, and Invoice Description for Products. Now, when an Estimate is copied, all details will be copied to the new Estimate.

Bulk Price Update - Account Filters - We’ve added new filtering options to the Bulk Price Update tool. Now you will have the option to filter Accounts by Tags and Account types on the Account selection step.

Updates to Correct System Issues

We’ve made these fixes recently.

Two Way Texting - An issue was preventing the removal of the "texting opt in" message when a user replied to opt in. This has been corrected. The opt in message will now be cleared when the customer replies to opt in.

Tickets - There was an issue with the Ticket editor when using the Quick Add button. If you clicked outside of the editor it would close without saving what was entered. We have changed this to now stay open until the Ticket is saved or closed using the X. 

Timesheets - PTO details were not being included in timesheet exports. We have added these to the export. 

QBO and Print in Advance Jobs - An issue was reported that Visits set to ‘Print in Advance’ were being automatically marked as completed when the attached Invoice was synced to QBO. This has been corrected. 

Report Center - An issue was reported that custom fields were not being added to Reports when selected. This has been corrected. (This includes the Chemical Tracking Report)

Custom Package Renewal Report - It was reported that job notes for custom package jobs were being cut off the report. This has been fixed. 

Sales Activity Detail Report - An issue was causing the sales activity detail report to no displayed data as it had been filtered. This has been fixed. 

Visits Report - The rating column on the visits report was displaying an error. This has been corrected. 

Snow Invoicing - An error was being received when attempting to invoice multiple snow events at a time. This was caused by leaving the Cap Reset Period field blank. This field will now be required. Users will be notified if leaving this field blank when creating on demand jobs. 

Forms - An issue was preventing forms from being submitted when a date field is required. This has been corrected. 

Accounts - An issue was causing the activity feed to not open all transactions after a transaction was previously opened. This has been fixed. 

Automations - An issue was reported that was causing automation sequences to not display in the editor. This has been corrected. 

Bulk Price Update - When increases prices on packages, ‘Apply to Accounts’ was also targeting clients with inactive packages. This has been corrected. 

Bulk Emails - An issue was causing batches of emails larger than 400 to fail. This has been corrected. 

Client List - An error was being displayed when merging of client accounts. This has been corrected. 

Timesheets - An issue was causing break hours to not be calculated into payable hours when set to do so. This has been corrected. 

Estimate Preview - An issue was causing estimates to be cut off while being previewed, even though everything looks correct on View My Proposal. This has been corrected. 

Estimates Preview Amounts - A rounding issue was causing the estimate preview to display different amounts for discounts, subtotals, and totals. This has been corrected. 

Forms - An issue was preventing a form from moving forward when a date field was set to required. This has been corrected. 

Form Responses - An issue was causing the to address to not populate when a user would respond to form responses sent via email. This has been corrected. 

QBO Sync - An issue was preventing Payments listed in QBO to not sync to SA. It was discovered that the original COA was had not synced either. This has been corrected. 

Sales Campaigns - An issue was causing some recurring services to not be shown in selecting lists in sales campaigns. This has been corrected. 

Client Sources - An error was being received when trying to delete client sources. The delete has now been changed to make the source inactive to better handle removing sources. 

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