Release Notes | May 12, 2023


We will continue our outreach to members so we can gather your feedback and make improvements to Service Autopilot. We have quite a few new things coming this month that will help improve how you use Service Autopilot! New enhancements and improved workflow will help you get things done faster!

New – Toggle Usability Improvement between SA Versions - We have made changes to how you switch between V2 and new versions of SA, which should improve your experience. You will now be able to select the version of the page you prefer, and our system will remember that preference the next time you log in. No more time-consuming extra clicks or toggling back and forth between versions to get to your preferred page.

Additionally, we are updating the design to toggles, starting with the Clients list, Invoices list, and Payments list. The remaining toggles will be added in a future update.

New – Send Invoice PDF in Automations - You will now have the option to send an invoice pdf from automation emails when using invoice-related triggers. When creating an email event, you can select the invoice PDF as an option. 

New – Send Automation Emails to Estimate Sales Rep - You have a new option for "Estimate Sales Rep" as an email recipient in automations. 

New – Automation Condition for Estimate Sales Rep - You now have a new automation condition for "Estimate Sales Rep." Use this condition to filter estimate-related automations for estimates with a specific sales rep name.  

New – Automation Condition for Has ACH - A new automation condition has been added for "ACH on File." This condition can be used to limit automation to accounts with or without ACH accounts on file. 

New – Automation Trigger for "Visit Cancelled" - A new automation trigger has been added for "Visit Cancelled." Automations can now be run when a visit is changed to the status of cancelled. 

New – Automation Condition Zip Code - A new automation condition has been added for Zip code. Use this condition to limit automations to one or more zip codes related to your clients. 

New – Automation Condition Map Code - A new automation condition has been added for Map code. Use this condition to limit automations to one or more map codes related to your customers. 

New – Vendor to Sales Rep Enhancement - We’ve updated the connection between Vendors and Sales Reps. Now, if you update the name on Sales Rep or Vendor records that are connected, the change will be added to the corresponding account. 

Updates to Correct System Issues

Print in Advance Jobs - An issue was causing print in advance jobs to be automatically completed when the invoice was synced to QBO. This has been fixed. 

Client Portal Alerts - An issue was causing client portal alerts to still be generated even when a prepayment was unsuccessful. This has been corrected 

Estimate Email - An issue was causing estimate confirmation emails to not be tracked in activity feeds or email activities. This issue has been corrected. 

Forms - An issue was preventing forms from displaying in lists for use. This has been corrected. 

Tickets on Legacy App - An issue was preventing users from assigning tickets to resources from the Legacy App. This has been corrected. 

QuickBooks Online - An issue was preventing audit trails from showing the correct user when changes were made in QBO. This has been corrected 

Attachments - An issue was causing the client portal checkbox to not stay checked when selected on attachments. This has been corrected. 

Multiday Jobs - An issue was causing budgeted hours to not be displayed correctly when refreshing multi-day jobs. This has been corrected. 

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