Create an Invoice Email Automation

You can use Automations in Service Autopilot to email Invoices to your Clients as soon as the Invoice is created. You will need the Pro Plus subscription to access Automations.

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Automations.
  2. Hover over the green Actions button and choose Add Automation.
  3. Enter a name and description for your Automation.

  4. Click Add Sequence.

  5. Fill out the Sequence rules. The rules can be customized to your business, however, it is recommended to include a tag condition that only sends the email if the Client is not tagged for review. This will enable you to prevent Invoices from being sent to those tagged Clients.

    Note: Tags must be manually added to an Account if you do not want a Client's Invoices sent automatically.

  6. Click Save Sequence then drag an Email event over into the Sequence.


  7. Click on the Email event and fill out the fields.

      • Name - Name of the event
      • From - Who is the email from
      • User First and Last Name - Enter the user first and last name that will be used in any user name merge tags within the email document
      • To - The email recipient

        Note: For this Automation, we recommend Client/Lead. Do not select billing unless you fill out the billing email for every Client. If billing is selected and no billing email is on file, the Automation will error for that Client.

      • Subject - Subject of the Invoice email
      • Email Category - Category of the email (for subscription purposes)
      • Between Time - Specify the timeframe in which the Invoice email will be sent
      • Send Mon-Fri Only - Check if you want the Invoices to only be emailed on weekdays
      • Include Invoice PDF - Check if you want the Invoice PDF to be attached to the email
      • Approve Email - Check if you want to require manual approval before the emails are sent to the Clients
      • Select Document for Email Body - Select the premade Invoice email document
  8. Save the event, then turn on the event and sequence by clicking the small red toggles.


  9. Click Save at the top right of your Automation.
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