Release Notes | June 9, 2023


We will continue our outreach to members so we can gather your feedback and make improvements to Service Autopilot. We have been working on the issues you have reported and additional performance improvements.

New – Version Toggle Design Changes - We have added the new design for the remaining version toggles. This will include Forms, Credits, Expenses, and Contracts/Installment Plans 

Improvements Added to SA

Updated - Automation Stop Conditions Improvement - The response time of stop conditions in Automations has been improved. Previously there was an occasional delay between when the stop condition was met and when it would apply. The stop condition will now apply immediately. Please note that a stop condition will still not apply if the Automation has already entered the pipeline.

Updates to Correct System Issues

We’ve made these fixes recently.

Bulk Price Update ‘Apply to Accounts’ - An issue was reported that the ‘Apply to Accounts’ option of the Bulk Price Update tool was being applied to all accounts instead of the filtered/tagged list of accounts. This has been corrected. 

Quick Search Bar - The Quick Search tool was returning incorrect results with some address formats. This has been corrected.

View My Proposal - Estimate codes for View My Proposal were not working consistently. This has been corrected.

Print In Advanced Invoices - Invoices for print in advanced jobs were being printed in the wrong invoice format. This has been corrected.

QuickBooks Desktop Sync - Clients were not syncing that had the "&" symbol in the name. This has been fixed. 

Report Center - Phone numbers were not being displayed in the Custom Package Renewal report and thus preventing them from being exported as well. This has been corrected.

QuickBooks Online Sync - Service categories were not being imported from QBO. This has been corrected.

Forms - Credit Card Update - The text could not be updated on the credit card update button. This has been corrected.

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