Set Up Master Routes for Snow

Since On Demand Jobs are not scheduled for a specific date and instead depend on when a weather event occurs, the Jobs must be added manually to the Snow Dispatch Board as needed. Master Routes will help make this process easier as it will enable you to set up a list of Jobs in a specific order to be added to the Snow Dispatch Board.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Master Routes.
  2. Select Add Master Route.
  3. Fill out the Description. This is what will display as the "title" of the Master Route when added to the Snow Dispatch Board.
  4. Skip Create Services as we will make a selection here once the Route is set up.
  5. The Search Criteria section will be used differently depending on how you set up your On Demand Jobs and how you want to organize your Master Routes. If you have multiple teams running different Routes, we recommend you have a Master Route set up for each team. The only requirement is that you select the Services you want in this Route. Below is an example of a simple search criteria setup. In this example, I have one route for all of my plowing Services.

      • Assigned Resource - Filter for Jobs assigned to a specific Resource
      • Service - Filter for Jobs with a specific service or services
      • Exclude - Choose to filter for only specific Job types (On Demand, One Time, Recurring, Waiting List)
      • Exclude Job Assignments - Enabling this will cause the Assigned Resource filter to only look at the Master Job assignment and not include any individual visits in the search
      • Postal Code - Filter for Clients within a specific zip code
      • Map Code - Filter for Clients with a specific Map Code
      • Proximity - Filter for Clients within a specified distance from an address or zip code
  6. Once you set your search criteria, click the Search button. A list of Clients that meet the criteria will appear below.

    Note: Route list results in blue indicate newly added Clients. This is useful when updating existing Master Routes to include new Clients.

  7. You now have the option to Route manually, or click the Route button and choose either Group Stops or Optimize Route. To Route manually, click and drag the Clients in the desired order.
  8. Important: Once your Route is complete, scroll up to the top of the page and click the Create Services drop-down. We recommend you select all Services that appear in this drop-down. This tells the system to create Visits on the Snow Dispatch Board for the Service types selected. If a Service is not selected here, then it will not create a Visit for that Service on the Snow Dispatch Board.
  9. Lastly, scroll back to the end of the page and click Save Changes.
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