Release Notes | July 21, 2023


We are continuing to work on improved performance. We also have new updates for beta features and the Twilio registration launch.

New - Team App - Chemical Tracking - We have added Chemical Tracking capabilities to our Team App to help members streamline their daily operations.

New - Global Setting for Printing Invoices - We have added a global default option that will allow members to select whether or not a product is shown or hidden on the client-facing invoice.

New - "Show the Math" Option on Invoices - For members who use QBO, we’ve added an option to show the sales tax calculations on invoices. You can now click "Show the Math" in the invoice amount section and a pop-up will display the tax types and values for each.

Improvements Added to SA

Twilio - Register for SMS Usage Twilio Registration is launching for all members subscribed to Two Way Texting. Mobile carriers have implemented strict regulations to prevent unwanted/spam messages from being sent to their users. This registration process will consist of a series of banners directing members to complete the registration. The person completing the registration will need their company EIN and other business details.

JSON Error on Dispatch Board - Multiple members reported experiencing this error when their Dispatch Board was attempting to load thousands of records without any filtering, causing the issue to time out. The system has been updated to more quickly prompt refined filtering to ensure the system returns results successfully.

Updates to Correct System Issues

We've made these fixes recently.

Update to Permanent Changes when Editing Dispatch Visits and Jobs - We have updated the “Permanent” checkbox found in the Edit Jobs button on the Dispatch Board. When used, it will update all future visits for a job, as well as the assignment at the master job level.

Jobs - Products - An issue was causing products to disappear from waiting list jobs that were scheduled from job templates. This issue has been corrected to keep products intact.

SA Manage Services App - CC On File - It was found that the Manage Services app was not flagging accounts when a credit card was updated. This led to issues with automations and audit trail records. This has been corrected.

Report Center - SA Dashboard - An issue was causing a debugger error on SA Dashboards. This issue has been corrected.

QBO System Issue - An issue was reported where synced accounts were having issues with how names and addresses were updated. We found there was a change in QBO to how these fields are mapped and thus have made corrections to account for this change. The sync is now working as expected.

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