Snow Dispatch Board Overview

The Snow Dispatch Board is available to manage and dispatch Snow Jobs. This Dispatch Board is based on weather events instead of dates.

To access the Snow Dispatch Board, navigate to Scheduling > Dispatch Snow Jobs. The Snow Dispatch Board will load without an event selected, so you'll want to either select an event from the dropdown or create a new one using the green plus icon next to it.

Once an event is selected, you can add Jobs to it by going to the orange More button located on the top right. You can also perform other actions, such as changing the Resource team assignments or exporting the list of Jobs. 

Note: You can view any Events you've marked inactive by selecting the Inactive Events option in this dropdown.

The Actions dropdown has the same options as the regular Dispatch Board. You can change the Job status or route the Jobs if needed.

On the right of the event dropdown is the green plus icon, which can be used to add a new event, and the pencil icon, which can be used to edit an existing event. If you need to remove an event from the list, click the pencil icon, deselect the "Active" checkbox, and then click Save

The Dispatch Status is important because this will drive how the Jobs appear on the mobile app to your Resources in the field.

  • Pending - Use this status when setting up and preparing the event.
  • Working - Switch to this status when you are done preparing and have dispatched the Jobs. Once an event is moved to this status, the Jobs will show on the mobile app to the assigned Resources. 
  • Complete - The weather event is over and all Jobs completed. If the On Demand Job is set to "Per push, per inch", the Job will continue to appear on the mobile app until the event is moved to this status.

Next to the pencil icon is the Edit Jobs button. Place a check next to the Jobs you wish to edit then click Edit Jobs. The Edit Jobs overlay appears. Use this overlay to change the date of the Jobs or change the assigned Resource. The unique options on this Snow Dispatch overlay are the Plan Depth, Temperature, Bill Depth, and Asset Type.

  • Plan Depth - The forecasted amount of snow.
  • Temperature - The air temperature during the weather event.
  • Bill Depth - The actual depth of Snow that fell during the weather event. This field is what will determine the Rate from the Rate Matrix entered on each On Demand Job
  • Asset Type - Select what type of equipment was used at the selected Job site. We recommend you only use this if you bill differently depending on the type of equipment used.


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