Team App - Chemical Tracking

Chemical Tracking on the Team App will allow mobile users to log chemicals used at a Job site. The chemicals logged will be synced to the Chemical Tracking Report.

Important Note: If you use Forms to track additional chemical information, you must have a Form created in the new version of Forms. Classic Forms (V2) are not compatible with the Team App.

To log chemicals on the Team app, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Team App and tap Start Day.
  2. Tap Start Work at Job Site to access the Start Work overlay, then tap Log Chemical Usage.

  3. Tap the checkbox next to each chemical you'll use at the property then update the Treated Areas, Targets, and Application Methods as needed.
    Tap the Paper Airplane icon in the top right to send an instruction email to the Client. 

    The Conditions will automatically fill in based on the local weather data. This can be updated if needed. 

  4. Tap Save when you're done, so you can work and complete the Job as usual.

If you need to access the Chemical Tracking once the Job has begun, tap on the Service from the Visit Details overlay then tap on Log Chemical Usage to change or update chemicals as needed.

You can also access the Team App User Guide for additional information.

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