New Optimized Dispatch Board FAQs


What is the purpose of the New “Optimized” Dispatch Board?

We've been working to address performance issues on the Dispatch Board, and across Service Autopilot. We found that most of the performance issues on the Dispatch Board affect the rest of the site. Moving to a more efficient version will enhance the performance of the Dispatch Board and Service Autopilot in general.

What does the New Dispatch Board have that the old Dispatch Board doesn't?

The New Dispatch Board offers more reliability, speed, and efficiency. We also added a bulk Add/Remove Tags feature, making it easier than ever to tag Accounts from the New Dispatch Board.

How do I access the New Optimized Dispatch Board?

You can find it under Scheduling > Dispatch Board (New).

Is there a date range limit?

No, the Optimized Dispatch Board does not have a date range limit.

Where are the job comments?

Job comments can be toggled on or off under the orange More button. This will be saved as a default until your browser cookies are cleared.

Can the New Optimized Dispatch Board and the existing Dispatch Board be used interchangeably?

Yes. There is not a toggle but you can use either board as needed. 

How do pages work on the New Dispatch Board?

You can set the page to a max of 100 rows. It is important to know that the Check All button ignores pages and will select all rows in the dataset rather than just the rows on the page you’re viewing.

Who do I contact with questions, feedback, or issues?

There will be a link to a form on the Optimized Dispatch Board that you can fill out. You can also reach out to SA support at

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