Working a Snow Event from the Mobile App

Once a Storm has begun, your Resources in the field are able to use the Service Autopilot mobile app to easily and efficiently track the Jobs they complete. 

Important Note: Support for Snow Jobs is currently only available on the Legacy Mobile app

Many features such as starting and stopping a Snow Job, will be the same as a standard Job on the app. There are a few key features specific to Snow Jobs, however.

  1. Billing depth and temperature can be entered under the Service details.

    From the"My Schedule" screen, tap on a Job. This opens the Job Detail screen.

    Under each Service, you'll find the Details option.

    Tap the Details option to open the Job Item Details screen. This screen allows you to record the Billing Depth and Temperature.

  2. On Demand Jobs that are billed as "Per Push, Per Inch" will remain on the Job list until the Event status is changed to Complete.

    Once a Per Push, Per Inch Job is marked complete, it moves to the bottom of the Job list.

    To start another Push, tap the Start icon below the Client. This will create a second record on the Snow Dispatch Board.

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