Close Out a Snow Event

There are several recommended steps to complete once an Event has ended. This ensures accurate reporting and invoicing.

Once an event is complete, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Scheduling > Snow Dispatch Board.
  2. Place a checkmark next to all Jobs you need to update and then click Edit Jobs.

  3. This opens the Edit Jobs overlay. Specify the Bill Depth. This will determine the rate charged to the Client depending on how you have your On Demand Job rate matrix set up. The Bill Depth is the total amount of snow that fell during the Event.

  4. Optional: Update the Asset Type if you bill differently based on the equipment used at the property. Make sure to only have the correct Jobs selected for each Asset type.
  5. Click Update to close the Edit Jobs overlay.
  6. We recommend performing the standard Close Out Day process. Check the Jobs then make sure the punch times were made correctly by the field Resources.
  7. Once all updates are complete, click the Pencil icon, change the Event status to Complete, and click Save.


Price Warning - Some items were not priced because a bill depth was not found in the rate matrix of the On Demand Job.

It is common to see this error on the Snow Dispatch Board once the Bill Depth is applied. This error is advising that the Bill Depth entered does not fall within the range of one or more of the Clients' On Demand Job rate matrix.

For example, I enter a Bill Depth of 10 inches, however, the Client rate matrix only covers from 0-6. To correct this, you would either extend the current range from 0-999 or add a second row for 6.1-999. We also see this error when no range is entered, such as 0 to 0, You must account for all possible scenarios in your Rate Matrix.
Below is an example of a rate matrix that will avoid this error.

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