Columns on the Dispatch Board

Columns on the Dispatch Board can be customized to display useful information about each Job. You can even save a selected set of columns to display in a custom view.

To customize columns on the Dispatch Board, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs.
  2. Hover over the Columns dropdown on the right.

  3. Select the columns you wish to display on the Dispatch Board. 

    Note: Any columns listed below "Event Category" are Custom Fields, which are set up under Settings > Custom Fields.

  4. If you wish to save your selected columns as a custom view, click on Dispatch Board > Create View.

Column Definitions

  • Order - Route order
  • Status (St) - Job status
  • Close Out Day - A group of columns:
    • Start and End - Start and End time recorded on the Job
    • Hours - Average number of hours for each Resource on the Job
    • Men - Total number of men on the Job
    • Qty - Quantity for the Job
    • Rate - Rate for the Job
  • Priority (Pri) - The Job priority , which is set on the Visit overlay by clicking on the Service name

  • Client - Client name and street address
  • Account Balance (Acct Balance) - Client account balance
  • Service - Name of the Service or for Work Orders, the Work Order description
  • Date - Date of the scheduled Service
  • Map - Map Code entered on the Client
  • City - Client's City
  • Zip - Client's postal code
  • Assigned - Assigned Resource
  • Sales Rep - Sales rep specified at the master Job level
  • Last Service Date (Last Svc) - Date of last completed Service for the Client
  • Sub Status - Sub status of the Job specified under the Visit overlay by clicking on the Service Name

  • Project Number (Project #) - Project number if the Job is part of a Project
  • Budgeted Hours (B Hrs)- Budgeted Hours entered on the Job and for Multi-Day Jobs, the number in parentheses is the remaining B Hrs on the overall Job
  • Variance - Budgeted hours minus actual hours, and on a Multi-Day Job, a running variance (negative values will display in green colored font and positive values will display in red)
  • Amount (Amt)- Job Quantity times the Rate and the total amount invoiced to the Client
  • Product Total - Total amount of all Products on the Job
  • Total - Sum of the Job amount and Product Total
  • Actual Hours (Actual) - Total time spent on the Job for all Resources
  • Apx Mileage - Approximate mileage as-the-crow-flies from the previous stop
  • Tip - An editable field to enter a tip amount
  • Completed By - Resource that marked the Job complete
  • Instruction Emails Sent - Letter icon to indicate chemical instruction emails not sent or mailbox icon to indicate sent
  • Event Category - Category for a scheduled Calendar Event

Column Icon Definitions

Confirm Appointment - Indicate if the Client has confirmed the appointment

Edit Job Notes - Edit or view the Job notes

Edit Products - Edit or view Products; a yellow border indicates there are Products on the Job

Time Records - Edit or view time records on the Job

View Photos - View photos taken from the mobile app

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