Release Notes | August 15, 2023


We are continuing to work on improved performance. We are also addressing member feedback by implementing improvements and bugs to enhance your experience.

Improvements Added to SA

Simple Mobile Option - We have added Simple Mobile as a carrier option on Accounts. Now you can send one-way text messages to Clients who have this carrier.

Note: This does not apply to members who subscribe to Two-Way Texting. You do not need to choose a carrier when sending a text with the Two-Way Subscription.

Twilio Registration Banners Update - Twilio Registration banners have been updated to allow for temporary or permanent closing:

  • Not Started or Need to Complete (red banners) - can now be snoozed for a period of time before reappearing.
  • Pending (orange banners) - can be closed permanently. The banner will not return until registration has been approved.

New Message Center Account Overview Default - We have updated the New Message Center to show the upcoming work first when accessing the Account Overview pop-up. 

Update to Remaining Budgeted Hours Column- The "Remaining Budgeted Hours" column has been moved to the "Budgeted Hours" column on the Dispatch Board. The remaining value will now display in parentheses below the normal budgeted hours value and will tell you the remaining budgeted hours available for the Job as a whole.

Updates to Correct System Issues

Reset Client Portal Account - It was found that the "Reset Client Portal" button was missing in v2 Accounts. This has been corrected and now shows properly.

Estimate Grids Alignment- An issue was found that caused the Service name to not be properly aligned in Estimate Grids. This has been corrected to properly align at the top of the column.

Two-Way Texting Registration Access - It was reported that some members were unable to access the 10DLC registration. This has been corrected to allow the registration to be accessed and completed as expected.

Contract Invoice Overages - It was found that Contract overages were being added to Invoices with the overage amount being met. This has been corrected to properly account for overages when billing.

Package Rounds Schedule Date - A Package round schedule date would be blank when changing the status to "Dispatched" from the Visit overlay. This has been corrected to properly display the current day's date.

Chemical Route Sheet B - An issue was found with Chemical Route Sheet B that prevented more than 2 products from being added to the sheet. This has been corrected to allow for a greater number of chemical products.

One-way Text Messaging from Mobile - It was found that one-way text messages sent from the mobile app were not being displayed in the Account. The messages will now create a closed ticket (similar to an email) on the Account.

Extending Jobs on the Dispatch Calendar - An issue was found when extending a Job using the "Extend Job" option on the Dispatch Calendar that caused the Job to disappear until the page was refreshed. This has been corrected.

Mail On Demand Invoice Status - The status for Mail On Demand Invoices was not displaying as expected. This has been corrected.

Job Date and Appointment Time Merge Tags - An issue was found that caused the "Date of Job" and "Appointment Time" merge tags to not update properly. This has been corrected.

Installment Plans Product Invoicing - An issue was causing Products to print on Installment Plan Invoices even if the Product was set to not print. This has been corrected.

Ticket Editor Fields - An issue was found on the Add Ticket Overlay that prevented down options from displaying when viewed on a mobile browser. This has been corrected.

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