Release Notes | August 25, 2023


We have addressed several recently reported issues in response to member feedback.

Updates to Correct System Issues

Legacy App Tickets - There was an issue causing deleted tickets to show as "open" on the Legacy App. This has been corrected.

Legacy App Estimates - An issue was causing line items to be stuck in "draft" status if the Estimate was created on the Legacy App. Estimates will now display the correct status.

Dispatch Board Variance Column - Positive and negative values were previously switched. Positive values were represented as under on budgeted hours and negative values were represented as over on budgeted hours. This has been reverted. The calculation is now actual hours - budgeted hours.

Appointment Time Merge Tag - When emailing in bulk from the Dispatch Board, the [AppointmentTime] merge tag was populating in the email preview. This caused the wrong appointment time to be sent to customers that received the email. This has been corrected.

Package Jobs on the Dispatch Board Map - Package Jobs would update when dispatching or changing the date from the map. This caused the Waiting List to load after each update which lead to long load times after each change. This has been updated so that the Waiting List does not reload after a change to a Job.


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