Add a Classic Form (V2)

You can create a new Form from a blank Form or by using a pre-built Form template. Form templates are entirely customizable so you can add or edit all fields to meet your needs. Using a template can help save you a lot of time when adding fields to a Form.

To create a new Form, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Forms.
  2. Click Add Form in the top right.
  3. To use a template, select the Prebuilt Forms option in the top right of the Form Builder overlay.

  4. Fill out the Form Settings as needed, and then select the Add Field tab.
  5. Select a Field type from the left panel to insert it at the end of the Form on the right.

  6. To edit the field, click the white area next to it. This will open the Field Settings so you can manage the name and other field options.

    Field Settings.jpg

  7. You can also reorder the fields by clicking and dragging the same white space.

  8. When you're done adding your fields, select the Form Layout tab. This allows you to change layout-related settings, including adding a CAPTCHA to help with spam submissions.

    Form Layout.jpg

  9. Once done, click Save & Close.
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