Release Notes | September 15, 2023

Updates to Correct System Issues

Automations Error: No Automation Exists - A reported issue involved users receiving a "No Automation with this ID" error when attempting to open automations. This issue has been resolved and automations will now load correctly without this error.

Merge Tags Not Working in Automation Emails - An issue was reported where the [StartTime] and [AppointmentTime] merge tags were displaying empty data. This has been resolved and now functions correctly with proper formatting.

"Pending Dispatch" and "Cancel Job" Visit Status Not Stopping Automations - An issue was reported regarding dispatch-triggered automations failing to stop when the visit status changed to meet a stop condition. This has been resolved and now functions as intended.

Product's Default Budgeted Hours Zero Out When Saved in QBO - An issue was reported where product hours are being set to 0 when synced with QBO. This has been resolved.

Two-Way Texting Usage Alert - A problem was reported where the Two Way Texting usage alert was being received even though the limit was not reached. This issue has been resolved and now operates as intended.

Mail On Demand Invoices Missing Company Phone Number - An issue was reported where invoices sent through Mail On Demand were missing the company phone number when printed. This issue has been resolved and now includes the phone number as expected.

Invoice Dates are Updating to Prior Day - An issue was brought to our attention where invoice dates were being modified when applying payments to invoices. We have resolved this issue and the system now works as expected.

Unable to Delete Account Due to Error - A reported issue was hindering the deletion of clients. This issue has been resolved and is now operating as intended.

Products Not Printing on Invoices - There was an issue where products were not being printed on installment plan invoices when selected to do so. This issue has been resolved.

Event Tags Not Applying When the Estimate Stage is Set - An issue was reported where estimate stage tags were not being added correctly when the stages changed. This issue has been fixed and is now working as expected.

Vendors are Unable to Bulk Print Invoices - An issue was reported where vendors encountered an error when attempting to print invoices in bulk. We have successfully resolved this issue.

Job History is Deleted When Merging a Former and Active Client- An issue occurred when merging a canceled account into a new account, resulting in visit history not being transferred. This has been resolved and is now functioning as intended.

Multiple Payment Records Created for One CC Charge - An issue was reported where duplicate payment records were created. This issue has been resolved.

Payments Still Processing and Show a $0.00 Value - An issue was reported where payments were left processing with a $0 value. This issue has been resolved and is working as intended.

Unable to Add Attachments in V3 Calendar Events - An issue was reported where an error was received when adding attachments to calendar events. This issue has been resolved.

Improvements Added to SA

Dispatch Board Variance Column Font Improvement - We increased the font weight on the Dispatch Board Variance column to improve visibility.

View My Proposal Signature Improvement - We reworked how your clients sign quotes on View My Proposal. Now, when clicking the Sign button, the signature pop-up will have both the Signature Line and the "Print Your Name" field so these items are saved together. This will reduce confusion for your clients when accepting estimates online.

Improved Audit Trail for Visit Changes - We've expanded the audit trail for Visits to now include records of when the service type is modified. This additional audit trail entry will appear as follows: “Service was changed from [Original Service Name] to [New Service Name].”

Improved Error Explanations on Automation Events - We've introduced new error messages to our automation system for cases where Marketing events within IF Conditions encounter processing issues. Now, you'll receive an explanation of why the marketing event failed, providing greater clarity in such situations.


We have been focusing on fixing issues and usability problems, as well as implementing a few needed improvements.

NEW - Bulk Update Rates on Contracts and Installment Plans - We added the option to update rates on your contracts and installment plans in bulk! You'll find the option to update rates under the Actions menu on the contract and installment plans lists.

NEW - "Include Estimate PDF" Option - We've introduced a new feature that allows you to include the PDF of an accepted estimate in the confirmation email that you receive after a client accepts a quote. You can access this option within the Estimate Settings.

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