Release Notes | October 20, 2023


We have been working this month to address your feedback. We have corrected several notable bugs and added a few requested improvements. We now integrate with FleetSharp to bring tracker and geofence data into SA. You can also renew products with your Master Packages!

Updates to Correct System Issues

Calendar Print - The Print option on the Calendar was not working in Chrome. This has been fixed and is now working as expected.

Projects Start and End Dates - It was reported that dates on Projects were defaulting to the year 2029. After investigation, it was found that the issue was not specific to Projects but was caused when a date was typed in using international formats. This has been corrected to behave like normal date fields.

QBO Invoice Line Items - We updated the syncing of contract invoices between Service Autopilot and QBO. In order to resolve multiple issues dealing with contract invoices becoming out of sync between the systems, we will no longer allow changes to contract line items within QBO.
Now, if changes are made in QBO on the contract line items, they will be reset to match what is within Service Autopilot.

Invoice Rounding - Invoice balance discrepancies were reported on invoices that were syncing to QB. We have adjusted how invoices are rounding in SA to correct this issue.

Emails from a Visit - The "Job Date" and "Appointment Time" merge tags were not populating correctly in emails sent from the Visit overlay. This has been corrected and is working as expected.

Bulk Check Payments - Payments made in bulk as "Check" were being created as "Cash" payments. This has been corrected to now correctly record the payments as "Check".

Payroll Report - An error was received when approving the payroll report if it contained unpaid time off. This has been resolved.

Auto-Assist - When notes were added through the Auto-Assist feature, they were not being correctly added to the Activity Feed on Accounts.

Marketing Emails from the Account List - Bulk marketing emails sent from the Account list were not being sent. They will now be sent as expected.

Payroll Report PTO - An error would occur when approving the payroll report if it contained PTO records. This has been fixed.

Snow Per Push Per Inch - Snow "Per push, per inch" jobs were not creating additional visits when a second and third clock-in was performed. This has been corrected and is now creating additional job records when expected.

Legacy App Sync - The legacy app sync was failing when processing artifacts. This has been corrected.

Legacy App Job Notes - Job notes on the legacy app were showing as HTML code. This has been corrected to display the text as expected.

Job Editor Rounding - It was found the rounding on the job editor was not consistent with the rounding on prepayments, which caused accounting discrepancies. The rounding on the job editor has been corrected to match the prepayments.

Printed Form Responses - Printing form responses resulted in some responses being cut off. This has been fixed.

Resources on Tickets - It was reported that resource avatars and initials were not showing up consistently on tickets. This has been corrected.

Account Names on Tickets - An issue was found that if an account name was changed and synced with QB, the old account name would display on tickets. This has been fixed to display the updated account name.

Improvements Added to SA

FleetSharp Integration -We are releasing an integration with FleetSharp that will allow you to view your assets on the dispatch board map and compare mobile time punches to when an asset enters or leaves a geofence. With Fleetsharp, you can monitor your fleet’s location, performance, and speed, allowing you to save money by accurately tracking mileage. Check out our FAQs or click here to learn more.

Audit Trail Enhancements for Bulk Updating Contracts and Installment Plans - An audit trail record was added when a Bulk Price Increase was applied to a Contract or Installment Plan. The record will state who updated it, by how much, and when it occurred. 

Renew Products with Package Jobs - We have added a setting to Master Packages labeled "Renew Products". This setting will allow products on package jobs to stay on the job once the Master Package is renewed. In order for this functionality to work, this setting must be checked prior to renewing the package.

Include an Estimate PDF in the Client Confirmation Email - We have added the option to send a signed Estimate PDF in the confirmation email to your client once they accept an estimate.

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