FleetSharp FAQs

How do I sign up for FleetSharp?

You can sign up for FleetSharp by filling out the following form:

Is there a cost for the FleetSharp integration with SA?

There is no cost to use the FleetSharp integration. However, there is a cost for the FleetSharp trackers.

How long does it take for the integration to become active?

It will take up to 24 hours for the FleetSharp integration to become fully functional once activated in SA.

How often does a tracker's location get pinged?

While the asset is active, the tracker will ping every one minute.

Do I need to do anything if I change the address of a client?

No, the geofence in FleetSharp should update when a client is updated in SA. If an issue or discrepancy does occur, there is a button in SA on the Client Edit screen under the Details tab labeled Sync to FleetSharp. This button will force FleetSharp to update the client's geofence location.

Sync to FleetSharp.jpg

Do I have to manually create geofences for my clients?

No, you do not have to manually create geofences. Service Autopilot will prompt FleetSharp to create a geofence for a client's location when a customer is added or the latitude and longitude changes.

Can I link a tracker in FleetSharp to an asset in Service Autopilot?

Yes, you can link a tracker in FleetSharp to an asset in Service Autopilot.

Why are there multiple geofence records for one job in my timesheets?

A geofence record is created every time a tracker enters or exits a geofence. If a tracker passes through a geofence while on the way to a different job, a record will still be created. We added the ability to delete a geofence record from your Timesheets to help get rid of records that aren’t relevant to the job. Deleting a geofence record is permanent so be careful when doing this.

Can I filter the trackers on the Dispatch Board map by resource?

Currently, you cannot filter out trackers on the Dispatch Board map. However, we plan on adding this functionality soon.

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