Set Up FleetSharp Integration

The Service Autopilot FleetSharp integration allows you to track vehicle locations and create geofences to receive real-time alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a location.

Note: You must sign up with FleetSharp and receive your trackers in the mail before you can activate FleetSharp in Service Autopilot. You can request more information and sign up for the FleetSharp integration here.

To activate your FleetSharp integration, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Locate the FleetSharp panel and click Activate.

    FleetSharp Activate.jpg

  3. The Activate FleetSharp dialog will appear. Enter the Username and Password provided to you after signing up with FleetSharp and then click Activate.

    Enter Username and Password.jpg

    Tip: Once your integration is activated, SA sends your clients' information to FleetSharp. FleetSharp creates the geofences and sends that data back to SA. It's best practice to wait 24 hours for this process to complete before using FleetSharp to ensure you have access to all features.
  4. You'll notice the FleetSharp panel changes:

    After Activation.jpg

    If you get a new tracker or change the name of a tracker, click Sync Trackers to pull in and update that data. If there is an issue with a client's geofence, click Sync Clients to manually create or update those geofences in FleetSharp.
  5. Use the "Employees and Teams" section to manage which Resources are assigned to your trackers. To edit the assignment, click the green Notepad icon:

    Green Notepad.jpg

  6. The Match Employees and Teams overlay appears. Use the dropdown lists to assign a Resource to a tracker. Click Save when you're done.

    Assign Resources.jpg

For more information, check out our FleetSharp FAQs in the Help Center.

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