Using FleetSharp to Verify Punches on Timesheets

Anytime a tracker enters or leaves a job, we clock that time and display it in your Timesheets (Accounting > Timesheets) under the Work Time tab.

Geofence Events.jpg

These are your Geofence records. They're helpful because you can compare when a resource clocked in and out on the mobile app to when the tracker entered and left the geofence.

Compare Clocked Time and Geofences.jpg

Typically, you'll see one or two sets of geofence records. However, you may see multiple if your resource is driving through a geofence to another job or if they clocked out for lunch during a job, left to eat, and then came back to finish working.
If a Geofence record isn't relevant to you, you can delete it by clicking the red X to the right:

Delete Geofence Event.jpg

A Confirm Delete dialog will appear:

Confirm Delete.jpg 

Click Ok to confirm the action.

Warning: Once a Geofence record is deleted, you cannot get it back.

Currently, the Audit Trail does not display when a Geofence record was deleted or the resource that deleted it. This functionality will be added in the future.

For more information, check out our FleetSharp FAQs in the Help Center.

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