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Xplor is the first global company that integrates Commerce Accelerating Technologies, embedded payments, and vertical-specific SaaS, such as Service Autopilot.

Xplor is proud to bring you Xplor Capital loans. Xplor Capital loans provide funding you can use to grow and run your business. Applying doesn’t impact your credit score and doesn’t require any personal guarantees or collateral. 

You can use an Xplor Capital loan for any business purpose - repairs, remodeling, payroll and hiring, and even expansion to new locations. Unlike a traditional loan, Xplor Capital loans don’t charge interest, only a one-time fixed capital fee. 

To learn more about Xplor Capital, check out our FAQs:

Xplor Capital FAQs

Note: Xplor Capital loans cannot be used for any personal, family, or household expenses.
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