Franchise Subscription Perks

In a Franchise, a third party or Franchisee runs a business on behalf of the company or the Franchisor.
The Franchisor is the governing entity or master account, whereas the
Franchisee is the constituent or sub-account. The Franchisor has access to the Franchisee as an owner. 

Note: The Franchise subscription is an additional charge and must be added to your Service Autopilot Account before it can be used.

What Does this Feature Offer?

  1. The Franchisor can view all their Franchisees on the Franchise list page.
  2. The Franchisor can log into and manage each of their Franchisee SA accounts from the Franchise list page.
  3. Both the Franchisor and Franchisees can View and Download from the Franchise Marketplace.
  4. Allows the Franchisor to publish the following information to the Franchise Marketplace:
    • Automations
    • Forms
    • Documents
    • Tags
    • Reports
    • Analyses
    • Custom Fields
    • Services

      Publish to Franchise Marketplace.jpg
  5. Gives the Franchisor the ability to see three key reports for their Franchisees:
    • Revenue Report
    • Conversions Report
    • Sales Summary Report


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