Release Notes | December 8, 2023


We have focused on high-priority issues for this release with many bugs being fixed, including report center, mobile, and invoicing issues. We have also added some improvements to features, such as Client account optimizations and improvements to alerts. Lastly, we have a few new items including new alerts and new features for the custom document editor.

Updates to Correct System Issues

Invoices Column Header - Upon investigation, it was found that the table header on invoices was blocked for members with longer billing addresses. We have addressed this issue, and the table header now displays appropriately for all customers.

Adding a Contract Job from the Legacy App - When employees added jobs from the Legacy app to clients with contracts, the visits would properly be related to the contracts, but the master job would not and would create an extra blank invoice. This has been fixed.

Dispatch Board Mobile Attachments - In some cases, an error was received when trying to view photo attachments for visits on the dispatch board. This happens despite attachments working correctly for Jobs on client accounts. This has been corrected and is working as expected.

Estimate Deletion - We received reports indicating that the delete option for estimates was not functioning correctly for certain members. We have addressed this issue, and the functionality has been restored.

Invoice Contract Line Items - When contract jobs were completed in the Legacy app, the contract line item amounts were being updated incorrectly. This has been fixed.

Attachments to Calendar Events - We were notified of an issue where an error occurred while attempting to add attachments to existing calendar events. We have fixed this issue, and users can now add attachments to calendar events without encountering any errors. 

Manage Services App Add Credit Card - When members' clients attempted to add a credit card on the Manage Services app, the credit card form would not appear and would only show a blank screen. This has been fixed.

Manage Services App ACH - For members integrated with Clearent, if they had the option to add a bank account turned off for their clients, their clients would still see the option to add a bank account in the Manage Services App. This has been corrected.

Estimate Grids - An issue was reported on estimate grids where the amount columns were not showing discounted amounts when the ‘Show Discounts’ option was enabled. This has been corrected to properly reflect these discounted amounts within the amount columns.

Master Jobs Sales Tax - We had reports of master jobs incorrectly calculating sales tax, rounding to the nearest dollar instead of the correct amount. We have cleaned up this calculation and jobs are now calculating tax correctly.

Automations Document Preview - An error was occurring when accessing document previews while building automations, causing difficulty during the automation building process. This issue has been corrected.

Legacy App Job Notes - Job notes were required to be read even when the “Require View Job Notes” user right was disabled. This has been fixed.

Dispatch Board Job History and Upcoming Jobs - An issue was identified where job history and upcoming jobs were not displaying accurately on the dispatch board, despite being accurate when viewed from a client account. We have resolved this discrepancy, and the functionality has been restored to ensure an accurate display of job history and upcoming assignments on the dispatch board.

Sales Campaigns Addresses - In the process of generating sales campaigns, an issue was identified wherein the client address information occasionally retrieved the billing address instead of the intended physical address. We have addressed this issue, and the system now accurately captures the client’s physical address as intended.

Client Portal Payment Records - We identified an intermittent issue where certain payments were not being recorded in the system, despite accurate representation in Clearant. This issue has been successfully resolved, and all payments will now be consistently recorded and reflected as expected within SA.

Refunds on Invoices with a Subtotal Line - We addressed an issue where users encountered an error message prompting them to ‘Please select a service’ when attempting to refund credit card payments, despite having already selected the relevant services. This issue has been resolved, and the refund process now operates as intended without the incorrect prompts.

Team App Jobs without Appointment Times - If a job was created with no appointment time and the time zone of the field technician’s mobile device was one hour ahead of the member’s company time zone on the main site, the job would not show on the SA Team app. This has been fixed.

Contract Overages - An issue was reported that overage invoices were not generating properly when triggered by a client's on-demand services. The issue causing this has been found and corrected.

Email Activity Stats - We have resolved an issue related to the delivered calculation in Email Activity, which was previously displaying 'Infinite %' inaccurately. The calculation has now been fixed.

Automation Text Message Events - We addressed an issue where automated text messages were not adhering to the Monday-Friday scheduling setting, resulting in messages not being sent within the expected timeframe. This has been fixed.

Snow Dispatch Board Snow Events - We received reports indicating that Snow Event names were not being displayed accurately on the snow dispatch board when transitioning between events. We have resolved this issue, and the system now correctly displays Snow Event names as expected.

Weekly Default Master Schedules - An issue was found where weekly master schedule jobs were being created with the ‘even’ or ‘odd’ labels attached. This issue has been corrected and is working as expected now, only showing the weekly name with the day selected. 

Estimate Description Font Menu - An issue was found in the estimate description editors where font menus would be cut off. This issue has been corrected.

Related Properties Account Balance - An issue was reported where account balances were not calculating properly for master and sub-accounts. After reviewing the issue, we have made corrections and this is now working as expected.

Invoice Email Documents Default Option - We received reports of the absence of the 'Default' option on invoice documents. We have addressed this issue, and the 'Default' option has been reinstated. This was corrected as a hotfix on November 14, 2023.

Improvements Added to SA

Client Page All Upcoming - We have made updates to the jobs ‘All Upcoming’ section on the Client page. This has added notable improvements to the load time, reducing the wait for reviewing future jobs. Additional similar optimizations are coming in future releases.

Reactivate Client Prompt - We made a change when creating jobs from approved estimate items. If the account is deactivated or cancelled, you will now be prompted to reactivate the account before creating jobs. This was done to prevent a situation where you could choose to create jobs for a former client, but then the jobs would disappear.

Alert Improvements - We have made several changes and updates to alerts, including the ability to click on the actionable item directly from the alert.

  • Ticket Alert - We have enhanced Ticket alerts by introducing an option to access more detailed information directly from the alert. Upon receiving an alert regarding a ticket change, users can now click on the alert, which will open a new tab directly to the corresponding ticket. This allows for quicker review and enables users to take action as needed.
  • Estimate Accepted Alert - We have enhanced the Estimate Accepted alert to add the ability to open the estimate from the alert. You can now click on the Estimate Accepted alert and a new tab will open with the estimate. This allows for quicker access to review and take action on that estimate.
  • Master Scheduled Expiring Alert - We have enhanced the Master Schedule Expiring alert to add the ability to review that master schedule. You can now click on the Master Schedule Expiring alert and a new tab will open the master schedule editor so you can make updates. This will create quicker access for review and action to take place.
  • Package Expiring Alert - We have enhanced the Package Expiring alert to add the ability to review the master package. You can now click on the Package Expiring alert and a new tab will open the master package editor so you can make updates. This will create quicker access for review and action to take place.

New Items

New Alert Types - We have added two new alerts.

  • Client Unsubscribed Alert - You now have a new alert that you will see in your account when a client unsubscribes from all email categories that you send. The ‘Client Unsubscribed” alert will be created when a client opens marketing or automation emails and uses the Unsubscribe link to opt out of all email categories. If you see this alert, you can click on it and the client’s account will be opened in a new tab so you can take action to follow up with the client.
  • Export Ready Alert - You will now see the 'Export Ready' alert when an export is ready to download. You will be able to click this alert to download the Export. 

New Drive Time Trigger (Legacy App) - We have added a new automation trigger called ‘Drive time started’. This new trigger will start an automation when a visit is set to the Driving status on the dispatch board via the mobile app. This update will allow you to send “On the way.” notifications to your clients who have work scheduled! This trigger only works for legacy app users at this time. Team app users will be included in the future.

Document Editor Improvements - The document editor has been updated for an improved experience.

  • Save Rows - You can save custom rows as templates to be used later for making other documents.
  • Mobile Design Mode - You can now edit your documents while using a mobile view of the document. This will allow you to see an accurate view of what the document will look like on a mobile device as you make changes to the document.

New Optimized Dispatch Board - After the December release, you will see a new menu option under Scheduling called Dispatch Board (New). The general look and feel of this dispatch board will be similar to what you experience today, but we have spent many months optimizing and scaling the dispatch board to deliver a better experience. We intend to continue to improve and optimize for speed over the next few months to ensure that SA scales with your growing businesses. We want to hear your feedback, so be sure to leave it when prompted. You can continue to use the current/old dispatch board interchangeably, but we hope you adopt the new one!


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