Create a Marketing Email Document

You can create Marketing Email Documents in SA so sending marketing materials is easier. 

To add a new document, navigate to Settings > Documents and select Add Document.

  • Document Type - Select Marketing Email
  • Name - Title of the document that will be displayed in the document list (internal only)
  • Description - Optional description to provide more information on the document (internal only)
  • Subject - The text that is displayed in the subject line of the email (visible to recipient)

Once the document settings are filled out, select Save to begin creating your document. You will first see a template option. You can start with a blank page or from a premade template.

Editing Rows and Content

To edit existing content, click on the content area and make any changes with the right-side panel. For example, click on the "Drop your logo here" image to change it to your company logo.

When editing text, a toolbar appears that allows you to make changes to things like font size and color. The most notable feature on this toolbar is Merge Tags. Merge Tags are fields that pull in recipient information to personalize their email. For example, if you select the Client First Name merge tag and send the email in bulk, each client will see their first name in the email.

Select Upload or Import to add your logo to the File Manager. Once your logo is added, select Insert to place it into your document.

To add new content to your document, select the Rows tab on the top right. Choose a row style and drag it onto your document. Once the row is added, select the Content tab and drag the desired content into the row.

If you have a row of content that you use often, such as a social media row, you can save that row and use it in other documents. Save the row by clicking in the blank area to the right or left of the row and selecting the Save icon. To use a previously saved row, select the Rows tab then choose Saved Rows from the dropdown menu.

You can leave comments on rows and content by clicking the Comment icon.

You can add, reply to, and resolve comments in the panel that opens to the right.

General Document Navigation

Use the Desktop and Mobile icons in the top left to switch back and forth between views. You can also edit your document in either view.

We recommend saving your document often while you work. The Save button is in the top right corner. 

In the top left, there are a few options to be aware of:

  • Print - Print will open a PDF in a new window that can be saved to your computer and printed. This will be stopped by a popup blocker so ensure that popups are allowed for SA.
  • Preview - This will show a general preview of what your document will look like. Merge tags will still appear in brackets on this preview.
  • Send Test Email - You can send a test email using this feature, however, all merge tags will still appear in brackets in the email. To see how your document looks with the merge tags in effect, we recommend creating a test client and sending the email to that test account.
  • Show Structure - Enables visibility of the grid lines of your document.
  • Document Settings - Allows you to view and change the original document settings such as title or subject.

In the bottom left corner, you will see the Revisions icon, as well as the Undo and Redo icons. Use the Revisions icon to go back to a certain point in your document if you made several changes you want to undo.

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