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Service Autopilot by Xplor now offers a Deep Lawn connection! Deep Lawn is a revolutionary AI and e-commerce platform that uses satellite imagery and advanced algorithms to provide instant lawn measurement quotes, and sales for lawn care and pest control services. Their technology empowers businesses to close deals faster, reduce operational costs, and provide a seamless client experience.

With this connection, lawn care companies will have:

  • Effortless Quotes and Sales: Deep Lawn's AI powers instant lawn measurement and quote generation, converting new leads into paying clients quickly and easily.
  • Seamless Data Transfer: All client information, measurements, order details, and custom field data flow seamlessly into Service Autopilot by Xplor, eliminating unnecessary data entry.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Data-driven insights from both platforms enable smarter decision-making, helping to optimize resource allocation and boost overall business performance.

Additionally, the new tool will empower lawn care business owners to supercharge their success by generating automatic measurements, instant pricing for services based on pricing tables, and the ability to add surcharges or offer unique services.

Note: Deep Lawn is only available to new and existing Service Autopilot members based in the US.

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