How Invoicing Works in Service Autopilot

Invoicing in Service Autopilot is automatic. You can choose when an Invoice will generate based on the frequency setting.

Frequency Types

There are five options for Invoice frequency:

  • Daily - The Invoice will complete on the Job date when the Job is marked complete

    Note: This means that if the Job is scheduled for today, the Invoice will be completed as soon as the Job is marked completed. However, if the Job is scheduled for a future date, the Invoice will not be completed until the Job date arrives even if the Job is marked complete.

  • Weekly - The Invoice will be completed on Saturday morning.
  • Monthly - The Invoice will be completed on the morning of the last day of the month.
  • Print in Advance - The Invoice will be completed once the Job is dispatched.
  • Invoice on the (Day of the Month) - The Invoice will be generated on the morning of the selected custom date.

Tip: Need to complete an Invoice before the end of the billing period? You can do this under Accounting > Invoices > Incomplete tab.

Set the Invoicing Frequency

The frequency at which an Invoice is generated is determined by the frequency set at the job level. Setting the frequency at the company level determines the default when a Client is created. Then once each Job is created, the Job will use the frequency set for that Client.

To set the default invoicing frequency, navigate to Settings > Company Information. Select the Accounting tab and choose your desired default from the "Default When to Invoice" dropdown.

Note: Changing this setting only changes the default for newly created Clients. You'll need to bulk edit to update existing Clients.

The frequency you choose will be the default when creating a Client. However, you can change it at the Client level if necessary. To do this, navigate to the Client's Account, click Edit next to their name, select the Billing tab, and then change the "When to Invoice" selection.

Note: Changing this setting will only change the default for newly created and existing pending Jobs. Jobs that are dispatched or completed will not be updated. 

You can also change the frequency at the Job level. To do this, open the Job you want to change, select the Details tab, and then change the "When to Invoice" selection.

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