Bulk Update Invoice Frequencies from the Client List

Changing the Invoice Frequency from the Company Settings will only update the default for newly created Clients. If you need to update the Invoice frequency for existing Clients, it's easiest to do that in bulk from the Client list.

To bulk update the Invoice frequency, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to CRM > Clients.
  2. If needed, filter for the Clients you wish to update.
  3. Select the top checkbox to select all Clients on the page.

    Warning: The Bulk Edit will only apply to the selected Clients on the page you're viewing. If you have multiple pages of Clients, you'll need to perform the Bulk Update for each page. You can change the page size to 500 to make this process easier.

  4. Hover over Actions and choose Bulk Edit.
  5. Select the When to Invoice checkbox and choose the desired frequency from the dropdown.

  6. Important: You must consider whether or not you want any existing pending Jobs to be updated. You must select the Update Service Details checkbox to update existing Jobs. If you do not update existing Jobs, the Jobs will continue to generate Invoices at the frequency set for the Client when the Job was created.

  7. Click Update and repeat for each page of Clients.
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