Release Notes | June 7, 2024

Improvements Added to SA

Two-Way Texting Twilio and A2P 10DLC Compliance - With this release, text messages will no longer be delivered to clients and leads who haven't provided consent to receive them. You can obtain consent for texting from your clients via the Text Opt-In form field, or by having the Client or Lead send one of the following keywords to your Two-Way Texting number: “Start”, “Unstop”, or “Yes”.

My Day Performance and Stability Improvements - We optimized the My Day page so that Estimate requests and Calendar items do not load all at once. This should make interacting with the page feel more responsive and shorten the time it takes to log in to Service Autopilot. 

QBO Sync and Estimate Descriptions - We changed the sync to prevent the service description in QBO from updating the Estimate description in SA. From now on, the service description in QBO will only update the invoice description in SA. 

Updates to Correct System Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release:

Lead List Sorting - There was an issue causing the lead list to sort incorrectly by address field.

Message Center Message Duplication - There was an issue causing messages to show up multiple times when switching from the original message center to the new message center.

Payments on the Client Portal Manage Services App (iOS) - There was an issue in the app that allowed users to make a higher payment than the maximum amount set in the client portal settings. 

Automation Email Events - In some cases, automations would send an email after the sequence was stopped. 

Form Link in an Automation Email - For V2 forms, there was a setting that would cause the form to use a client portal domain instead of the current webforms domain. This resulted in an error when trying to open the form.

V2 Accounts "All History" Time Column - When viewing All History on the client page, the budgeted hours column would round down to the nearest whole number. It will now display up to 2 decimals. For example, 1.05.

Lead Account Audit Trail - There was a verbiage issue in the audit trail for a lead account where the lead would be referred to as a client.

V2 Clients "All Upcoming" - In some cases, the All Upcoming jobs list on the client page would fail to load.

Master Job Products - There was an issue where products would fall off a job when selecting the “custom recurring schedule” option. 

New Message Center Incoming Texts - There was an issue where incoming texts were showing under the sent text filter in the new message center. 

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