Document Editor - Document Types

When you create a new Document, the wizard will prompt you to select a Document Type. There are 8 different types:

  • Client Email - This is a template for an email message you can reuse and send out to many clients simultaneously. 
  • Marketing Email - This is another specific type of email that allows you to use the Sales Campaign function. Marketing Emails are the only email type that will display in the selection list for Sales Campaigns. 
  • Estimate - This is the actual Estimate document that will display all the services, terms, and any other text you wish to convey to a potential client. This document is typically accessed from a Client Email Document. 
  • Invoice Email - This is a specific type of email that allows you to include a PDF of a client's Invoice in the email. You can create one Invoice Email to use for all clients or create multiple for clients who need a more customized message. You might create different Invoice Emails for commercial clients than you do for residential clients. 
  • Mobile App Email - This email type will be visible from the mobile app so Resources can send it directly to clients or leads from the field. 
  • Text Message - This type allows you to create templates for text messages that you can send with or without a Two-Way Texting subscription. This is useful if you commonly text clients before servicing their property. 
  • Other - This type is for any Document that does not fit into the other categories or that you may want to exclude from the Type filter on the Documents list. 
  • Chemical - This Document allows you to communicate information about chemical products and services to your clients.
  • Landing Page - This Document allows you to customize the screen that displays when a user submits a Form.
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