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These are some questions from real SA Members about how to use the Dispatch Board and Waiting List. They cover various topics and many include real-life scenarios that you would find in the industry. The list is separated loosely by category. 


Waiting List

What is the Waiting List for?
The Waiting List is for Jobs in which you don't know the exact date Service will be scheduled.
Can you filter the Waiting List by Service?
Yes, use the “Service” filter at the top of the page.
Do you get an alert when jobs get within the 72-hour assignment window? Or do you have to go to the Waiting List to view Jobs within that window?
The Jobs within that window will only show on the Waiting List, highlighted in red.
Can you move a Job that wasn't originally on the Waiting List to the Waiting List?
If it’s not a Package Job (those can be moved), it depends on how the Job was created. If it is a One-Time Job created on the V3 Job Wizard, it can. If it’s a One-Time Job created on the old Job Wizard, it can’t.
If you cancel the dispatch, does the job return to the Waiting List?
No, if you cancel the dispatch on a Job, the Job will remain on the Dispatch Board with a status of "Pending".
How do you return a job to the Waiting List?
Select the Job and go to Actions > Waiting List.


Dispatch Board

Can you change the order of the columns?
You can remove columns from the table but you can't change the order in which they appear. Changing the Route order changes the order of the Jobs (the rows in the table).
What is a map code?
A Map Code is an alpha-numeric code you create and put on a Client record to denote a Service area such as an HOA or apartment complex.
Can you print out the Icon list from the Dispatch Board?
Not easily but there's an article for that where they’re all explained and easily printable.
I don’t see the legend button on the Dispatch Board. How can I view the legend?
Hover over the More dropdown list and select "Show Legend".
Does the Call-Ahead icon I see on the Dispatch Board appear on the mobile apps?
If a Job requires a call in advance, that icon will appear on the Legacy Mobile App in the list of scheduled work (assuming the correct User Rights are enabled).
Do the driving directions learn from your crew? For example, Crew 6 if drives faster than Crew 2?
No, driving directions are standardized in terms of time.
 Does the Drive Time include Job time?
No, only the time spent driving to the job site.
Is it possible to schedule recurring jobs and have them automatically dispatch?
No. Changing the status of a Job is a user-initiated action.
Can we permanently change a Job's day of the week on the Dispatch Board or do we have to go onto the customer's account and change them one by one?
To permanently update a Job’s schedule, you would have to change the Master Schedule on the Master Job. This can be done on the Dispatch Board (click the name of the Service > More > View Master Job) or from the Client account screen.
Can I change the Status of a group of Jobs on the Dispatch Board from “dispatched” to “pending”?
Yes, you can cancel the dispatch on any number of Jobs simultaneously just by checking the box next to each Job before going to Actions > Cancel Dispatch. Be sure just to cancel the dispatch, don’t cancel the Job.
If a mobile user "skips" a Job, will that Job end up back on Waiting List or Dispatch Board?
It will be on the Dispatch Board with a status of "skipped" if it was skipped properly.
If field users are already clocked into the Job, will the clock in hours be saved while you make changes on the Dispatch Board?
Yes, those times will be saved even if you have to cancel the dispatch on a Job or Jobs.
What should I do when I have a rain day and can’t complete Jobs?
If you can’t complete Jobs, you have the option to “Skip” them while you’re out in the field. Then, they can be rescheduled from the Dispatch Board.
If a Job is skipped and rescheduled, does that change its normal schedule from then on out?
No, it would only reschedule that one instance of the Job. Any other Jobs on the Master Schedule will remain where they were originally scheduled.
If you have to reschedule due to rain, is it better to move all jobs to the next day?
It depends on your scheduling practices. Some Members purposefully never schedule Jobs on Fridays to use it as a catch-up day in case of inclement weather.
Is there a way to send a mass text message to all the day’s clients if you had to cancel due to weather? If you have cell plans and everything set up right?
Assuming all Clients are set up correctly, you would simply select all Jobs on your Dispatch Board and go to More > Send Text.
If I extend a Job, do the added days include the weekend? 
If you extend a Job, it becomes a Multi-Day Job and will be extended based on your Company Settings (Settings > Company Information > Settings > Multi-day Include Days).
What does it mean when you hit complete?
Marking a Job as “Complete” means the Job is finished and an Invoice will be created.
Can you view the time it takes the field guys to complete a Job?
Yes,  enable the "Close Out Day" option on the column selection of the Dispatch Board to see time punches and actual hours worked.
Does the system track the amount of time the crews are at each Job?
If you're clocking time through one of the mobile apps that time will appear on the Dispatch Board under the Close Out Day columns.
What should I do if our guys are using the mobile app for tracking time but it’s not on the Dispatch Board?
This commonly happens with the legacy mobile app because it does not update in real-time. Have the field users run a clean and sync and this will push information back to the Dispatch Board.
Can you close out today's schedule tomorrow morning in case you are not in the office as late as the crew?



How can tell if I have a Smart Maps subscription?
Hover over the avatar in the upper right corner of your SA account then select Account & Billing. Smart Maps is about halfway down the list. You can also purchase it there if you don't already have it.
Do I need a Smart Maps subscription to route using Group Stops?
No, you can use Group Stops with or without a Smart Maps subscription.
How can I show the map on the Dispatch Board?
Click the Show Map button near the date selection. It will only appear if you have the Smart Maps subscription.
Can you filter for a specific resource with a date range to see the day colors for that specific crew?
Yes, select your date range and apply a Resource filter at the top of the screen. The pins on the map will display color by day.
Can you change a group of Jobs by selecting them as a cluster on the map and then change them all to a specific day?
Yes, use the third tap on the map labeled “Group Selection”. Draw a shape around the pins of the Jobs you need to move then you can reschedule them and/or change the resource. This will only affect the instance of each Job in the view, it won’t update the Master Schedule.
Is there a way to see all jobs on the map for a specific team for the month on just Mondays?
You can filter by Resource (including Teams) and by date range (such as an entire month). You can't select individual dates like only Mondays.



On my Dispatch Board when routing, each color stands for a different crew. How do you change the colors from day to crew?
If you are viewing a date range, each day of the week will have a different pin color on the map. If you are viewing a single day, the pin colors will be different by resource.
Is there a way to optimize an existing recurring schedule? We had someone that did a poor job scheduling recurring services and now I'm left trying to optimize the route.
If you have a Smart Maps subscription, this will enable a map on your Clients List. If you have more than 500 Clients, filter by something like zip code and service then select all Clients to view them on the Map. This would give you a good idea of where your Clients are so you can schedule them more efficiently.
If an address can’t be routed, will it tell us which specific ones need corrections?
No. You can zoom out the map to see if there are any outliers (usually in the middle of an ocean) but sometimes they are very tough to find.
After routing, is there any easy way to reverse the route?
There is. Check out this article for the steps.
When I add a To Do, it goes to position 0 on the route. Is there a way to prevent this besides rerouting the day manually every time I add a To Do?
No. Any time you add a new Job or To Do, it will not be routed so it will have a route position of 0. You would need to update the route in some way to move 0-position items into the route.
Once we route a "Weekly- Monday" for a certain crew, it doesn't need to be routed every week? Does it save that route for the future?
No, it would not need to be routed every week unless new Jobs are added. Routing is not contingent on assignment.
Are the routes saved from year to year?
Yes, if you update a Route and elect to update every week or every other week then it will be updated indefinitely.
Why can I only route 23 stops? We have crews that can do many more stops than that in a day.
It's Google's limitation that only 23 stops can be optimized at a time but you can optimize as many times as you want.
Will group stops only work if all jobs are weekly or biweekly?
Any routing method will work for all the Jobs you see in the list regardless of the Master Schedule. If you have Master Schedules built on other increments (such as every 10 or 12 days), once you save the route on each day of the schedule, it will be updated permanently.
How do you enter a new customer into the middle of an existing route?
If you already have the new Job scheduled on the day you want, you can manually update the route (Actions > Manual) and drag and drop the Job into the correct route position.
Can you mix in To Dos into the route?
Yes, you can Route To Do's since they appear on the Dispatch Board (like Jobs).
Do you have to add a shop location so it knows where to start each route?
The shop address (start location) is based on the Physical Address entered for your company in Settings > Company Settings.
What if your physical location and shop are different? Can you swap between them?
No, not without updating the Company Information.
Can you add driving directions to the route sheet?
Driving directions can be printed from the “Navigation” tab of the map but not added to a Route Sheet.
How can I get additional fields onto the Route Sheets like "Gate code" or "Has Dog"?
You can do that with Custom Fields. You would have to create the Custom Field (Settings > Custom fields) then fill out that information on each Client account.
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