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These are some questions from real SA Members about Chemical Tracking. The list is separated loosely by category.


Chemical Tracking Setup

How do I know if I need to use Chemical Tracking?
Chemical Tracking is primarily for Members who need an applicator's license to spread chemicals and need to report chemical usage to local, state, or federal agencies.
How can I see if Chemical Tracking is turned on?
When you go to settings, you will see the Chemical Tracking section if Chemical Tracking is enabled. It is not enabled by default on SA accounts because it requires a lengthy setup and we want to make sure training materials are seen before it is turned on. For assistance with this, contact Member Support.
Where can we find the sample lists to import?
Hover over the avatar in the upper-right corner of SA and select Import/Export. Then click Import Chemical Tracking Fields. There is a button at the top right of this screen for you to download the sample lists.
What is the difference between a chemical Service and a non-chemical Service?
To apply default Chemical Products to a Service and have the Service appear in Chemical Tracking reports, you will need to check the Track Chemicals box on the Service.
If I change a Service so it’s now a Chemical Service, will that update my existing Jobs?
Yes, any time you make changes to a Service it will affect any existing Jobs with a status of “Pending”. If any jobs are dispatched, cancel the dispatch, re-save your changes to the Service, and re-dispatch the jobs.
What is a Product Mix and how do I set it up?
A Product Mix is where you designate the mixture of a given product with water for application. On the “Product Mix” tab of a Chemical Product, check the box next to “No Default Mix” if the Product is not mixed with water. If it is, enter the Application rate of the mixed product and the Mix ratio with water. Fill out the rest of the Chemical Product as you would any other.
Can you have a mix with multiple chemicals?
Yes, these have their own separate category in Settings. Unlike what is put on an individual Product, a Mix allows you to specify the ratio of two or more liquid products and water.
Do I have to set up email templates for Client Instruction Emails?
No, this is optional but if you are in the practice of emailing clients when chemicals have been applied to their property, it can save you a lot of time to create Client Instruction email templates.
How can I input newly bought inventory and have it subtracted after an application if the amounts of the chemicals are correct?
SA does not track inventory. The difference between inventory and non-inventory products is only for users who sync with QuickBooks because inventory tracking is available with QB.
Do you have to use Packages to do chemical tracking?
No, you don't have to use Packages to use Chemical Tracking. It's just a common use case for many Members.
Where can I enter an applicator license number?
For an employee, it’s on the Personal Information tab when you edit the employee record. For Vendors, it’s on the “Employment” tab.
What do I have to set up if I want the system to calculate the product amount for me?
In addition to properly setting up Services and Products, the client’s Custom Field type must match the Product or Mix Custom Field type and the Custom Field must have a value on the Account. All of this must be done before the Job is added to the Account.


Using Chemical Tracking

How do we access the Chemical Tracking wizard?
From the "More" dropdown list at the top right of the Dispatch Board.
How does each tech pick different types of equipment each day? One day a 200-gallon broad leaf sprayer and the next is the same chemicals in a four-gallon backpack sprayer. What does the list look like that he picks from?
Provided setup is done correctly, the tech will be able to select the application method on the Legacy app.
Can you access PDF labels in the attachments on the legacy app for easy label access?
Attachments are not visible but Label Instructions are.
Do you have to confirm chemical products the same way you do other products in order for them to show up in tracking? Is there a way to search for jobs that have chemicals?
Confirming products is never required, even for chemical products, but it’s always a best practice. On the Dispatch Board, the Chemical Wizard (under the "More" dropdown list) will show you all Jobs with Chemical Products.
Back in the office, can you see which customers were sent an email upon conclusion at the end of the day?
Yes, enable the "Instruction Email Sent" column on your Dispatch Board or Close Out Day screen.
What is a good, basic, end of day workflow for chemical usage?
On your Close Out Day screen, make sure that all jobs were completed and chemical product usage was logged correctly. Then, check to make sure that all client instruction emails were sent that need to be sent.
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