Dispatch Jobs from the Waiting List

The Waiting List is specifically for jobs that need to be completed within a certain date range. When it's time to dispatch jobs from the Waiting List to the Dispatch Board, you can do this with only a couple of clicks. Use the following steps:

  1. Go to Scheduling > Waiting List
  2. Set the date selection to the day you want to schedule the job(s). 

  3. If all jobs are already assigned, check the boxes next to the jobs you want to schedule and select Actions > Dispatch

  4. If the jobs are not assigned, check the boxes next to the job(s) you need to assign to the first resource. Click Edit Jobs. Set the date and resource and click Dispatch


The page will automatically refresh and the selected jobs will disappear. If you go to Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs for the date you moved the jobs to, you will see the jobs are in a "Dispatched" status. You can use the Edit Jobs button to dispatch jobs to any date regardless of what is in the current view. Jobs must be assigned in order to dispatch them. If you frequently use Waiting List jobs but don't know the exact resource who will do the work, you may want to create one or more Crews so you can schedule and reassign jobs with ease. 

If you only need to dispatch a single job, you can click on the status icon to assign the job and set the status to "Dispatched":



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