What Syncs with QuickBooks

What currently syncs with QuickBooks:

  1. Customers
  2. Customer Type
  3. Invoices
  4. Payments
  5. Payment Method/Type
  6. Standard Terms
  7. Credits
  8. Vendors
  9. Sales Reps
  10. Charts of Accounts*
  11. Items List (Products, Services, Sales Tax References, Discounts*, Other Charges)
  12. Employees
  13. Cost on Inventory Products
  14. Refund Checks (as long as they have been applied to the Payment they are refunding)

*for Members who sync with QuickBooks Online, these items do not sync from SA to QBO. They only sync from QBO to SA.

What does not sync with QuickBooks:

  1. QB Checks
  2. Estimates
  3. General Journal Entries
  4. Expenses
  5. Time Tracking/Payroll
  6. Bank Account/ Reconciliation
  7. Item Costs
  8. Statement Charges
  9. Discounts on Payments
  10. Credit Card Numbers
  11. Cost on Non- Inventory Products
  12. Balance Adjustments
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