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This page contains recorded classes with rewind and fast forward enabled.

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Introductory Classes

The Intro I and II classes are required for new members as a prerequisite for other classes.



Intro I: Getting Up and Running

Navigate Service Autopilot and set up employees, services, and clients. Set up recurring and one-time jobs, then schedule jobs and dispatch them. Learn the basics of routing, accessing route sheets, and completing jobs--so you can invoice your clients and get paid.

Esta clase tiene una versión en español:
Introducción I -
Parte 1 | Parte 2

Intro II: Invoicing and Getting Paid

Learn best practices for invoicing, receiving payments, and billing on installment plans (contracts).

Esta clase tiene una versión en español: Introducción II

Mobile App



Mobile I: Using the Mobile App in the Field

Mobile App users in the field learn to clock in and out, begin work, complete jobs, and send notes to the office.


Mobile II: Administering the Mobile App

As an administrator, learn to adjust your users' settings and rights on the Mobile App, add and edit clients and leads, add jobs, invoice clients, and handle payments.

Snow Removal



Snow I: Setting Up and Scheduling Jobs

Learn to turn on Snow Dispatching functionality and set up crews, services, and products for snow jobs. Learn about contract billing and adding On-Demand jobs and Master Routes for plowing, shoveling, and other snow-related services.

Snow II: Dispatching and Getting Paid

Review Master Routes and learn to dispatch snow jobs, complete snow events, close out jobs, and invoice for snow services.

Daily Operations



Waiting List and Packages

Learn to build and manage Waiting List Jobs, Custom Package Jobs, and Traditional Packages.

Job Costing

Set up job costing with budgeted hours, labor burden, and targets for your jobs and services, and learn how to figure in products. Manage time tracking on the Dispatch Board. Finally, learn to analyze the Job Cost Detail Report.




Learn to set up and customize the Estimating portion of the system, then set up estimates. Preview, edit, and send estimates that you create; understand how to manage winning and losing the estimates; and schedule services from estimates you've won.


Use Service Autopilot to improve client management and track calls. The class also covers sales workflow and advanced task management, including working with To Do's, Emails, Tags, and Touch Points.


Document Editor

Learn how to use the new Document Editor.


Pro Member Features



Dispatch Calendar

Learn about a new feature that combines the dispatch board and the calendar.

Chemical Tracking

Learn to set up Chemical Tracking, including roles and permissions for your users. Use the Tracking Wizard to add jobs. Finally, learn how Chemical Tracking interacts with the Dispatch Board and what reports are available.




Explore the process of setting up, managing, completing, and analyzing the success of a project which may span days, weeks, or months and contain several phases and multiple estimates.

Sales Campaigns

Learn the purpose, setup, and process of putting together a sales campaign. By the end of the class, you will be able to create, generate, and view the finished product.



Learn about all aspects of working with the Forms feature. Set up roles and permissions, create internal and external forms for various purposes, use forms on the Mobile App, perform surveys, and get Net Promoter scores to place on your website. You'll also see how to integrate forms with your website's Estimates and Contact Us pages.


Add-On Pro Feature


Smart Maps

Learn to use the Smart Maps add-on feature to measure square or linear footage of property online and from the field. Create Estimates using those measurements. Use the tool to create leads using proximity and other filters, and also use Google Maps, routing, and driving directions.



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