Use Minimum Days Since

The Use Minimum Days Since option on your Waiting List is essentially a filter. This option exists specifically for chemical services where a certain amount of time must pass between application. Checking this box filters Jobs out of your Waiting List if the next rounds in the Package do not meet the minimum number of days.

Setup begins when you create Master Packages. Between the rounds in your Packages you can specify the number of days that need to pass before you can perform the next round.

  • Example: A fertilization job that requires a 35 day wait period before you can do the next application.



When you access your Waiting List, you will notice there is a check box for Use Min Days Since.  



Here's how it works if the box is selected: if you complete the Round 1 Job on August 15th and there's 20 Minimum Days between rounds, even if Round 2 starts on August 1st, you won't see the Round 2 job until September 4th.


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