Deactivate Clients

You can deactivate a Client without deleting the Client's record, so that your history with the Client remains in SA. Deactivated Clients will appear as Former Clients in selection lists. You can deactivate a Client in two ways: 

Deactivate From Client List Using the Actions Button

  1. Go to CRM > Clients.
  2. Select the check box for one or more Clients you'd like to Deactivate.
  3. Hover and over the Actions button.
  4. Select "Cancel Clients." 

  5. You will see a prompt to verify your changes and give a reason for the deactivation. Note: this reason cannot be changed without changing the Account's status as well (see below). 

  6. If you are trying to deactivate several Clients at once, the prompt allows you to un-check Client accounts in the dropdown list. 

  7. Click Deactivate Clients.  


Deactivate From Client Screen Using "More" Dropdown

  1. Go to CRM > Clients.
  2. Click an individual Client you'd like to Deactivate, which takes you to the Client's screen.
  3. Go to the "More" dropdown list and click Cancel Client

  4. You will be prompted to verify your deactivation and select a Cancellation Reason. Note: this reason cannot be changed without changing the Account's status as well (see below). 

  5. Click Deactivate Clients.  


Modifying the Cancellation Reason on a Cancelled Account

Cancellation Reasons cannot be modified on an Account once the Account has been cancelled. If you need to modify a Cancellation Reason (such as for reporting purposes), you will need to reactivate the Account and then cancel it again to leave the updated Cancellation Reason. Doing this will update the cancellation date as well.

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