V3 Cancel Account(s)

Cancelling Accounts will change the Status from "Client" or "Lead" to "Former Client" or "Former Lead". Accounts can be reactivated at any time. To deactivate Accounts one by one or in bulk from the Accounts Screen, use the following steps::

  1. Go to CRM > Accounts
  2. Apply a filter if necessary. Check the box next to the Account you want to cancel. 
  3. Click Advanced Actions.
  4. Click Cancel

  5. Select a reason for cancellation on the Cancel Accounts dialog. Note: this reason cannot be modified when an Account is in a status of "cancelled". See below for instructions on how to modify a cancellation reason for a cancelled Account.

  6. Click Save

A message will display to let you know how many Accounts were successfully cancelled. 


Modifying the Cancellation Reason on a Cancelled Account

Cancellation Reasons cannot be modified on an Account once the Account has been cancelled. If you need to modify a Cancellation Reason (such as for reporting purposes), you will need to reactivate the Account and then cancel it again to leave the updated Cancellation Reason. Doing this will update the cancellation date as well.

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